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5* review. Edinburgh Fringe. Saughtonhall. Edinburgh 

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Rooted in something real, tangible and local, the production achieves something intangible and universal. This is not just what local theatre should be all about, it is what all theatre should be all about.

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Cast and Crew Theatre Workshop - Canvey Island.
Winner of the NODA East Regional Award for Best Drama  !!!

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......... I laughed and I cried: the characterisation was incredible, and the story powerful because of its humour and its poignant moments. The writer certainly got the pathos right. And hats off to the performance by the local group, some incredible acting in there.

This story has all the key ingredients that can touch us and change us. This is my aim as I write, I’m sure yours too: to change the way we see ourselves and see life. The idea of capturing human spirit by allowing humour to brush up alongside the saddest and deepest of moments is what has connected us to the great stories and the great plays for centuries. This play is as powerful for taking moments in these women’s lives and allowing us to see them as people; real people. I think we can all find a piece of ourselves in all of these characters.

The play has been touring for a while and all productions raise money for cancer charities which I think is commendable.

If you get the chance to see this or to read this play, you will not be disappointed; it’s everything that is British, that is human and it will touch you… and apt to tell you about on this International Women’s Day. Celebrate life; celebrate the power of the unbreakable human spirit.

Thanks Gail Young and thanks to all those at Cast and Crew for a great Mother’s Day treat: fantastic job everyone! Story telling at its finest.

Tavonians Theatre Company. Toured Devon and Cornwall

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Audience reactions to the show included:

“A great evening with some great ladies and A MAN!”
“Absolutely fantastic show”
“I didn't set record on any TV poop but headed out to Sterts - we did indeed laugh, and cry! Fantastic one and all!”
“Saw this last night at Tavistock Town Hall. Really good. Very funny and poignant. Mascara alert!”
"We saw it tonight at Sterts. It was a truly uplifting story, emotional and heartfelt. With some great laughs and a few tears. Well done and all the best for the final dates of your tour. The bras were amazing by the way!"

Sharnbrook Mill Theatre. NODA review

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Gail Young’s Cheshire Cats has the distinction of being exclusively ‘amdram’ in its origins, being first brought to the attention of the wider public when performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2006 by The Guilden Sutton Players. Even since its publication by Samuel French in 2011 it has remained so, which surprises me somewhat because this is an excellent piece of writing full of great diverse characters, some extremely funny moments and plenty of pathos, perfect one would have thought for touring rep companies…....

......Nicole Macdonald’s direction was pretty much faultless with excellent pace and some neat tricks to the action, great use of all the exits and entrances and a memorable walkdown at the end of the play. But best of all her casting was spot on especially with her six main characters, all of whom demonstrated top draw acting, not a weak link between them. All five of the female leads also nailed the Cheshire accents so well my other half, herself from the North West, stated she felt quite at home..... a thoroughly entertaining piece from a very experienced cast who had clearly put in the hard work on the subtleties and nuances of the complex script.

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Hamble Players. Southampton

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Funny, honest and authentic, with something of an emotional punch, Gail Young’s play tackled a potentially tricky subject in an unfussy but sensitive manner. Ostensibly this was the tale of the Cheshire Cats team of Hilary, Siobhan, Vicky, Yvonne and Maggie, and their eleventh-hour replacement for the sixth member of the team, as they took part in a cancer charity fundraising Moonwalk in London. But it also took time to explore the lives of these 5 women, enabling us to learn more about their motivation for participating, a dramatic and sometimes poignant counterbalance to the comic bickering of this group of friends.............This was a fun and moving play that celebrated the endeavours of ordinary people undertaking extraordinary things.

Weymouth Drama Club. Dorset Echo

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Gail Young’s comedy is full of sincerity, imagination and sympathy as it tells a story that deals with a subject that could have been awkward to portray but which instead is full of honesty and humour.

Six Cheshire women get together to attempt a half-marathon charity walk to raise money for people affected by breast cancer and we slowly learn about their individual lives and the motives that impel them to take part in the London Moon Walk......

As the plot develops, a multitude of scenes come and go including the half marathon itself, all of them imaginatively captured on a large screen at the back of the stage, enlivened by Andrew Neve’s direction who maintains a good steady pace throughout.........

The cast of six make a very convincing job of their north country accents in a comedy that is both witty and poignant in equal measure.


Chinnor Players. Oxfordshire

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The Chinnor Players production of Cheshire Cats, directed by Rose Weakley, drew in sizeable audiences on each of the three nights it was performed and captured both the humorous and serious elements of this play well.........

The play combined comedy and poignancy, laughter and tears.......alongside the teamwork, humour, bickering and romance, the characters also let the audience glimpse their inner thoughts, turmoil and struggles as they delivered their individual monologues; the final monologue of the play, delivered by Maggie, moving many within the audience to tears........

Overall an entertaining, funny, and moving play. Well done to all involved!

'You know, folk are just amazing
When they decide to give,
At one time and all together
To help someone to live'

And give they did - raising £832 for Walk the Walk. Brilliant!